Trinidad & Tobago Top 12

Recently I was lucky enough to escape Old Man Winter’s mean chill on the ever-so tropical islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

In a desperate attempt to escape winter with little money to spend, I started searching day and night for cheap flights ANYWHERE on my go to cheap-flight website, Skyscanner. When I came across a great deal to the Port of Spain, I notified my research team (my boyfriend) and we did some digging and decided yes, this is somewhere we wanna go.

It was a lot different from other trips I have taken to the Caribbean in that I wasn’t at an all-inclusive resort with a team ready to cater to my every need, but this just made it all a little more exciting (and admittingly, a little more stressful at times). As always, everything worked out and we had a wonderful time on our semi-spontaneous Caribbean adventure.

Some of our favourite things we did on this trip were snorkelling at Buccoo Reef, driving around the mountainous island through a tropical rainforest, discovering beautiful beaches, eating fresh fish and local delicacies (like doubles, crab & dumplings and roti) and just relaxing in the sun/warmth at our welcoming guesthouse, the Seaside Garden.

We spent one day in the Port of Spain and the remaining six in Tobago (beaches man, gotta go for the beaches). I was extra camera happy on this trip and had a lot of fun taking pictures around the islands. Out of hundreds of photos, I’ve narrowed it down to 12 to share. As always, I welcome your comments and would love to hear what you think. Enjoy!

Seaside for the daySeaside for the day

Market in the POS
Banana galore in the Port of Spain

Captain BrownCaptain Brown
(If you’re ever in Buccoo, ask him for a lift to the reef)

Beach KittenBeach Kitten

Buccoo SunsetA sunset for the books at Buccoo Bay

Men at workMaking things

Pigeon PointPigeon Point

ChillyChili peppers on a hot day

Buccoo sunsetUnforgettable, Buccoo Bay

Prison WallsPrison walls in the Port of Spain

Rainforest junkyard Tropical Rainforest/Community Junkyard

Sea BreezeSea breeze at Englishman’s Bay


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